Belgian Virologist Proposes a Plan to Eradicate COVID-19 in 6 Weeks Using Ivermectin

Belgian Virologist Proposes a Plan to Eradicate COVID-19 in 6 Weeks Using Ivermectin

As recently reported in the publication Hospital Pharmacy Europe a Belgium virologist named Marc Wathelet argues for the immediate use of ivermectin as a low-cost, off-label treatment to get the pandemic under control in Belgium. After providing a brief history of the first attempts at repurposing at the pandemic onset, Dr. Wathelet suggests after one year, and billions spent by governments such as those from America, only one drug is actually proven to have benefits—dexamethasone from the RECOVERY trial for patients who were already hypoxemic. Dr. Wathelet introduces the drug TrialSite has chronicled since April but that the rest of the world is just learning about- ivermectin. Referencing the meta-analysis from Dr. Tess Lawrie in the UK, the Belgian virologist shares that based on 15 randomized controlled trials and observational controlled trials, the ivermectin treatment reduces deaths by an average of 83% (95% Cl 65%-92%). He shares that based on the Dr. Lawrie meta-analysis, the drug also reduces the risk of deterioration by 53% (95% Cl 23%-71). Furthermore, Wathelet cites Lawrie that the drug used as prophylaxis given to health care workers or relatives can reduce the risk of infection by 88% (95% Cl 82%-92%). He aligns with America-based Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) Wathelet suggesting a “Multi-pronged approach” to treating COVID-19, including treatments used at early onset, vaccines, social distancing and other measures such as face masks.

With about 11.5 million people, Belgium experienced a scary spike in the pandemic during the month of November. The total number of cases has declined, but nonetheless, the country still reports between 15,00 and 2,500 cases per day. In total, Belgium has recorded 735,220 cases with 21,599 deaths.

In addition to discussing dosage scenarios recently in Hospital Pharmacy Europe, the Belgian virologist wonders aloud with the audience what’s the root cause of the resistance to the use of the drug? Reviewing each ostensibly scientific objection, the virologist comes to the conclusion that implementing such a plan as the one he ponders would require “tremendous leadership.”

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  1. Belgium is a small country, total population not much bigger than New York City, Ivermectin works and is inexpensive. Wathelet’s plan is bold, but needs to be bolder.
    Doing yet another trial, even a high speed one, is wasting time while people die.
    Put the entire country on it as a treatment and then as a prophylactic. Everybody over the age of 16 perhaps, but use it on younger children if that is safe. Push it hard; it’s a matter of national pride to join in this effort, etc.
    Everyone uses their national ID to go online and report their conditions every day, or gets that data to their local doctor. Everybody in the country gets tested once a week for a month. This would be the largest observational trial in history.
    Belgium might need to close it’s borders for a month or two, or demand that all people coming in must take the treatment.
    Even if complete eradication was not achieved in 2 months or less, if the virus was pushed back at least by half it would be a great victory and send a strong and undeniable signal to the rest of the world.