Beijing Grants Ad5-nCOV Patent: the First Such COVID-19 Vaccine in China

Beijing Grants Ad5-nCOV Patent the First Such COVID-19 Vaccine in China TrialsiteN

CanSino Biologics was granted the first patent approval from the Chinese government in Beijing for its COVID-19 vaccine called Ad5-nCOV, reported state media sources. The very first COVID-19 vaccine patent granted, the China National Intellectual Property Administration, reported the patient was issued August 11, 2020. Initially conceived of by smart, dedicated, and ambitious Chinese nationals while working overseas in Canada, a combination of science, politics and business execution challenges may dilute the strength of this latest milestone.

CanSino Biologics Updates

Well, there is good news and bad news. Overall, this vaccine called Ad5-nCOV was actually in the lead among all competitors but has since run into some challenges. Although, they have reported progress as well. TrialSite reported on an ongoing challenge with Canada. The company (CanSino Biologics) inked a national deal with Canada, an absolute huge deal for them, offering them a rare opportunity for a Chinese-based firm to supply a wealthy, Western, Anglo society (of course, Quebec is French) with a mission-critical health product. But that opportunity is now squandered by delays of investigational product shipment, purportedly due to political tensions with China over the Huawei executive arrest.  The latest news isn’t good, showcasing the higher risk associated with conducting life science business in China.

In China, the military has access to the vaccine for a year exclusive period. TrialSite will monitor and interview contacts there to determine the efficacy of that effort.

On the other hand, another wealthy oil rich place, Saudi Arabia agreed to move forward to commence Phase 3 clinical trials using the CanSino Biologics vaccine in the Kingdom.  As reported in Reuters recently, the company is also in talks with Russia, Brazil and Chile to launch more Phase 3 clinical trials. Of course, it faces fierce competition from the Chinese players on the hand (e.g. Sinovac, Sinopharm), emerging vaccines out of India and the Western leaders from Moderna to Pfizer/BioNTech to AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, Inovio and Novavax.  


CanSino Biologics did see a rise in stock price (14%) in Hong Kong and 6% as of midday in Shanghai.