Are the ‘Unvaccinated’ the Reason the Pandemic Isn’t Ending? Some Healthy Skepticism in Response to Recent POTUS Claims

Are the ‘Unvaccinated’ the Reason the Pandemic Isn’t Ending? Some Healthy Skepticism in Response to Recent POTUS Claims

Recently, Laura Ingraham had Yale University epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, a contributor to TrialSite News, as well as researcher and author Alex Berenson on her show to discuss taking an honest look at the trends behind breakthrough COVID-19 cases, or fully-vaccinated individuals who become infected with COVID-19, and also the growing call for more lockdowns and the use of masks. Is it true that the unvaccinated, and not a confluence of factors from the Delta variant to breakthrough infections to the social determinants of health and more, are the reason the pandemic is persisting?

POTUS and various individuals associated with the White House recently declared on national media that the unvaccinated were to blame for the pandemic, but is this provocative claim based on established data? It’s not clear if it is. For example, data coming out of the UK and Israel suggests that individuals who are fully vaccinated are susceptible to infection. TrialSite discussed the Israeli data, which shows that breakthrough infections in one of the world’s most vaccinated countries represent a growing challenge.

Breakthrough cases of COVID-19 in individuals who are fully vaccinated are happening, so why is Biden declaring this a pandemic of only the unvaccinated? It doesn’t make sense if you look at the number of new cases in the UK and Israel who are fully vaccinated while considering that along with an increasing case rate. Breakthrough cases are also being hospitalized. As of July 20, 40% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the UK are vaccinated ( though it’s unclear if fully or partially), while 60% are unvaccinated. In Israel, of the 143 people hospitalized, 58% are fully vaccinated and 39% are unvaccinated. In July, 20 people in Israel died from COVID-19, more than double the death rate in June, and 15 of them were fully vaccinated.

In June, CNBC reported that 4100 people in the US have died or been hospitalized from COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated. CNBC also reported that 76% of hospitalizations from breakthrough cases occur in individuals over age 65. Is this due to the potency of the Delta variant, waning immunity from the vaccine, or underlying health conditions, some related to age? It’s also worth reminding TrialSite readers that on May 1st, the CDC stopped counting breakthrough cases that did not require hospitalization or end in death. One wonders how many vaccinated people suffer at home with COVID-19 symptoms and are at risk of long-haul symptoms, but not counted as breakthrough cases.  

TrialSite also reported that Delta-driven COVID-19 cases are increasing in some of the most vaccinated states in America, especially amongst the poor and minority groups. The Delta variant is more infectious than the original viral strain, but it’s not clear yet if it’s more dangerous.

Alex Berenson, a researcher and author, responded to Ingraham that the Biden administration is outright lying, based on data out of Israel and the UK. He pointed out that there is a massive number of cases in both countries, including breakthrough infections. Claiming that serious cases and deaths are only associated with unvaccinated people isn’t the case in the UK or Israel. The vaccines are protective, Berenson acknowledged, but emphasized that the vaccine clinical trials weren’t powered to assess durability, meaning we don’t know the length or strength of vaccine-induced immunity. The clinical trials also included few elderly people, who may be at the greatest risk for breakthrough cases.  

Berenson shared that, for some reason, “POTUS is punishing people like me and trying to get Twitter to de-platform people like me and attack people like you” referring to Ingraham, which the author denounced as “just wrong.”

TrialSite suggests POTUS isn’t lying but rather has bought into a unifying, totalistic narrative that may not represent a truly accurate understanding of what’s truly unfolding now. The pandemic, novel vaccines, a lack of early care options—at least formally authorized by health authorities—along with politicization from all sides, makes the overall situation ever more tense and volatile. Certainly, the right answer, however, is not to just point the finger at a large group of people and declare they are the only problem. That more than likely will have an oppositional consequence, one that will unleash further divide, we unfortunately anticipate. What’s needed is more unity, more acceptance of diverse concerns, and more transparency into risks of the current vaccination program across the board. With transparency comes trust and engagement.  


  1. This is simple. The pandemic isn’t ending because the global liar, Anthony Fauci, has intentionally prevented natural herd immunity. He did this by forcing masks and distancing while squelching known repurposed drugs like HCQ and ivermectin so his personal financial investment in Resveritrol could be promoted even without good results. With a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate, how could he get away with thus? Simple. Media.

  2. No. These vaccines are dangerous. 30,000 people have already died from them worldwide.
    Take care of your immune system. That’s a much better defense.

  3. Well, it’s been said that there are lies, damned lies and statistics.
    From the very beginning of this fiasco, the statistics have been manipulated to fit the globalist narrative of a one world government needed to control an “out of control” population and all the associated ills such as global warming, resource exhaustion, species extinction, and any other emergency du jour that fits in.
    As far as these breakthrough infections, the questions we all have could be answered by autopsies performed by impartial medical experts (if there are any still around) and complete data interpretation and publishing.

    I still await the reason so many of these would be tyrants are insisting complete and total inoculation of the worlds population by this gene therapy ie WHAT ARE THEY UP TO???

  4. As we haven’t vaccinated during a pandemic before, a fair question would be – Are the vaccinated driving ever faster, ‘unnatural’ evolution of the variants?

      1. Thank you for the link, the paper is compelling. ‘…these disastrous vaccination campaigns will likely be intensified and even extended to younger age groups.’ This was written in February 2021, and here we are in the U.S., having given EUA for children 12+. There is a great deal of social, if not political, pressure to vaccinate all age groups – where is the pressure (based on scientific reasoning) to use due diligence?

  5. Unity???? Drop this word from your vocabulary, staff writers. We need to hear all points of view, and let people make up their own minds. The goal is not unity. The goal is transparency.

  6. Dear POTUS. Your days of blaming Trump and everyone else is over. If you are so confident in the vaccine it matters not about eh unvaccinated. The fully vaccinated are getting covid just as much – it is just hidden. I suggest you start looking into adverse reactions, including deaths, from the vaccine and start seriously questioning the vaccine itself. Typical Democrats always looking to blame someone else. What happened to you knowing all the Covid Answers Biden?? More peopel have died form COVID and the VACCINE on your watch than on Trumps in the same time period.

    1. Biden only repeats what he is told to by his earpiece.
      His dementia makes for a very pliable subject for the powers that be to manipulate.
      If someone was able to hack into his communications system, he could just as easily be repeating children’s rhymes at a meeting with Xi and Putin.

  7. Amongst the unvaccinated are people like me… so bl**dy healthy we only use the medical system for broken bones and pathology tests to track that our optimised nutrition is hitting targets. We present zero strain on the medical system. Self sustaining. Resilient. Confident.

    1. When I see a moderator ‘approving posts’ I wonder where free speech has gone. Is this a discussion site or a ‘state what we want you to state site?”

      1. As a newer user here on TrialSiteNews, I noted ‘moderation’ message(s) at first, though posts now are instantaneous. I presumed it had more to do with me being a new user, than an infringement on free speech. Could this be the case for you?

  8. The amount of severe cases among vaccinate might be a harbinger of very bad news: vaccine associated enhanced disease (VAED)

    If it is indeed frequent effect, pushing the vaccine on more people who do not need it, might be worse than irresponsible.

    1. Thank you Leo. I (personally) prefer the LUV option, as this is closest to nature’s way (truly ‘holistic’, not a fake holistic claim). In addition to your points made, I add the optimised nutrition suggestion (to target immunity support) as my contribution to resolving outstanding issues.

  9. > TrialSite suggests POTUS isn’t lying but rather has bought into a unifying, totalistic narrative that may not represent a truly accurate understanding of what’s truly unfolding now.

    That’s one of saying that what is doing is much worse than just lying :).

    The delta and breakthrough cases could very well be due to S-protein only based vaccine being, by defintion, very sensitive to changes in the S protein (aka immune escape).