Are the Covid-19 vaccines “safe and effective”?

A video presentation by Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund.
Note that views expressed in this presentation are those of the author and not necessarily those of TrialSite.

Are there any risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccines currently authorized on an emergency use basis by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?  Presently three genetic-based vaccines have been authorized via the emergency order including two mRNA-based vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech) as well as the adenovirus-based Johnson and Johnson product.  Developed at historical speed under Operation Warp Speed, the mRNA-based technology foretells enormous implications for healthcare including the prospect of vaccines for cancer.  An amazing research prowess has unfolded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic heralding profound breakthroughs that’ll benefit society for years to come.  Governmental authorities have declared the vaccines both safe and effective and as TrialSIte recently reported based on a change of law that waives the need for informed consent with investigational products.  Both the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and FDA have declared that the risk-benefit analyses strongly indicate the risks of not getting a vaccination outweigh any risk of vaccination. They argue that the risks associated with COVID-19 are materially greater.  Moreover, health authorities are on record that there is absolutely no correlation associated with the COVID-19 vaccines to any deaths as indicated by the CDC declaration. But have they sufficiently probed and pursued granular investigation into their own data? Have they undertaken the comprehensive  analyses associated with what in the CDC VAERS is now close to 6,000 deaths.  Are all of these unrelated to the vaccines?  Steve Kirsch, the founder and executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF),  a regular contributor to the TrialSite recently conducted a more systematic and thorough analysis of the VAERS and CDC adverse event and death numbers reported in conjunction with the COVID-19 vaccines.  The results are disturbing to say the least.  TrialSite offers no opinion here other than the presentation of the highly successful MIT-trained engineer who has invested millions of his own funds into early stage treatment options targeting COVID-19. What follows is a summary of his deep dive into VAERS presented in this video.

Official CDC Position

The CDC is on the record that the now nearly 6,000 deaths reported in VAERS since December 2020, including “A review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccine.”
The analysis provided by Kirsch suggests that while nearly 6,000 are now entered into the voluntary system, he suggests the actual number could be undercounted by a magnitude of up to 5 times and a review of direct CDC excess death data indicates what the notable entrepreneur counts as 25,000 deaths that could be associated with the coronavirus vaccines.

The Presentation

The Kirsch presentation starts with an introduction to the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System known as VAERS with a review of some key indicators including reported deaths. Open to the public, he reveals by June 4th the following adverse events were associated with the COVID-19 vaccines:

Reported Event#s
Urgent Care43,891
Office Visits58,800
Heart Attacks2,190
Bells Palsy1,737
Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet1,564

A review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccines.

At 12:15 into the presentation Mr. Kirsch reveals a data distribution revealing a dramatic spike in deaths associated with the COVID-19. Moreover in this data analysis it’s revealed that the majority of deaths occur closer to the actual time of the vaccination event indicating a higher probability of a causal relationship.

At 12:49 he presents the data findings indicating that overwhelming the incidents of heart attacks associated with the VAERS COVID-19 vaccine spike within a day to three days after the vaccination event.  He also emphasizes that the indication of Myocarditis/Pericarditis actually increases with vaccination as age decreases which is counter intuitive in that young people should have less probability of experiencing such heart related troubles. Is the vaccine causally connected to this data?

At 15:51 in the presentation Kirsch depicts again the growing numbers of deaths corresponding to the release of the vaccines under emergency use authorization by mid-December 2020. At 18:55 he reveals a corresponding increase in excess deaths reported by the CDC. 

Kirsch goes on at 26:13 to discuss the imperative to consider a time out in the process to at least investigate these safety data signals.  At 28:09 Kirsch raises the imperative for informed consent under the Declaration of Helsinki. Although as TrialSite reported the law was changed in 2016 thus waiving the need for informed consent with investigational products deemed safe.

At 32:22 Mr. Kirsch discusses early treatment options for COVID-19.  He shares that considerable research has gone on pointing to a number of potential treatments for early onset COVID-19 that can serve to help combat COVID-19.  A risk-benefit comparison at 41:50 showcases at least one argument that early stage treatments currently under study should be accelerated.

The presenter offers a plethora of other information that merits review for those interested in a debate on this topic.

Kirsch commented on the findings “The narrative is that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective but the truth is that the data points to an otherwise alternative conclusion.”  Kirsch declared that “if anyone was paying attention they would have picked up these safety signals by the end of January.”

Data-Driven Truth or Random Coincidence?

TrialSIte cannot advocate one position over another but rather can serve to share information that fits within the guidelines of the platform for purposes of discussion and hopefully healthy debate.  This isn’t a platform for attacking others but rather one that fosters awareness, transparency and engagement.  The data present in the CDC VAERS database as well as the CDC death reports do indicate a material spike in activity associated with the coronavirus vaccines.  Does the CDC’s position that none of these deaths are conclusively correlated to the vaccine itself despite the data in this presentation revealing a disturbing trend of adverse events and death within a day to three days within the vaccination event?  It’s not clear but TrialSite invites the CDC and others on to the platform to put forth an explanation.


  1. My sense of getting a vaxx is a strong NO.
    I will use IVM and hope it keeps infections at bay.
    The CDC are constantly lying to protect their pharmaceutical buddies from damages.

  2. Dear Steve and TrialSiteNews Audience,

    Thank you for what you’re doing, especially encouraging open debate and providing your citations. I really respect the atmosphere of open, scientific debate here that seems to be lacking elsewhere.

    I recently got a religious exemption from a MANDATORY VACCINATION POLICY from my employer, which is an environmental non-profit organization that protects waterways through science-based advocacy, restoration, and education. And we are also DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice) focused. I find this sudden, top-down decision to be misaligned and overstepping to who we are in our core values and mission, at least mine, as an organization. I’m not impressed nor satisfied with any evidence (or rather, lack of evidence) they have provided to substantiate management’s decision around this mandatory vaccine policy. They say its in the name of health and safety in the workplace, which is a good and noble idea and intention, yet they really don’t want any scientific debate to their plans of re-opening; out of convenience in my opinion. I even told them that I’m refusing the vaccines based on scientific rationale and that I’m not being defiant just because; fortunately my religious tradition supports my voluntary choice, which seems to me the basis of all bioethics.

    I’ve followed you as well as many doctors and scientists around the world about the unsafe nature of these vaccines – this article post was crucial. I’ve done enough research to hold off on vaccinating at this time, so thank you again for providing alternative and substantiated recommendations. Like you, I’m pro-vaccines, pro-scientific debate, anti-censorshp, and anti-mandatory vaccine policies, but I’m against these particular vaccines because I’m not convinced of their safety – namely the gene-based vaccines. I’m hopeful for the traditional ones in the pipeline. But I also don’t think they are necessary against this particular virus given what we know now.

    I’m not sure challenging my employers will do any good nor change anything. Maybe it will. But my dilemma is I really like where I work and what I do, and I like my co-workers and trust our leadership in every way except in regards to the vaccine mindset. I don’t want to lose my great job. I have nothing but praise for this organization otherwise, its just this unethical policy that seems strange to me. However, they have no right and no business making medical decisions for other people; it just doesn’t sit right with me in my conscience in any way.

    So I wanted to ask you and TrialSite members who are pro-choice, what I should do in this situation. Should I challenge them again? If so, how? Should I just accept my exemption and forget about it? What is a respectful way to push for a further discussion without being dismissed or fired? Although granted an exemption, this policy is still unethical and from what I can tell, possibly illegal under the federal EUA. I think an exemption shouldn’t even be necessary in the first place, because it should be common sense that vaccination is a very serious, personal medical choice; a voluntary choice. It’s not a moral obligation as much as they want to convince and guilt trip it is. I’ve begun crafting a very long letter, outlining my reasons why this policy is wrong and why I’m currently refusing the vaccines. I’m new to TrialSiteNews, but is this something appropriate to post here for comment? I love this website and community but I want to make sure I don’t abuse it.

    Lastly, I wanted to recommend an action item. I live in Maryland, United States. Although the Republicans are the main ones challenging all things Covid related , which is great, we have a bill in the House proposed by a Democrat to make it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees who refuse vaccination policies. It’s called: MD HB1171 – Labor and Employment – Maryland Employee Protection Plan for Vaccine Refusal: Vaccine safety and ethical policies should be something everybody from all parties should support. Your right to chose is at stake and the precedent it will set now and in the future is imperative to take action on, in my opinion. I thought taking action on this local level policy might make a difference in the grander scheme of things.

    Steve, or anyone else pro-voluntary medical choice/ pro-ethics on this forum, do you know how to support a bill like this? It seems out of my hands, but does anyone have advice on how to advocate for something like this? I’m not really in the habit of reaching out to politicians, nor is it my comfort level, but is that the only way to take action or is there others?

    All the best and thank you for your time and consideration in any review and feedback.


    1. Write up a letter stating clearly the dangers of various vaccines and that they acknowledge that they may cause damage or death.
      Then get it notarized with multiple copies with one for you as well.
      It is your life and health is at risk.
      Maybe print out the VAERS reports of damages.

  3. This is an addendum to my earlier post. At 1:16 CST today (7-2-21) I was unable to access OPENVAERS. It is now 5:13 CST 7-2-21 and I am now available to access it. I still wonder what gives.

  4. Steve, although I think the possible serious adverse effects of the current vaccines — both short term and possible long term — are disquieting (to say the least), I am much more alarmed by the censorship/cancelling of even DEBATE that is going on. To validate what you were saying, I first went to the CDC’s official VAERS website and found it difficult to navigate (I gave up after about a half hour), which corroborates other things I have read about the difficulty in using it. I then went to OPENVAERS last night (7-1-21), and replicated what you did in your video. However, when I tried going to the same site today, it seems to be blocked. It asked for a user name and password, but there was no way to create credentials. What has happened here? Do you know why I can no longer get into

  5. Hi Steve, Thank you for the video. Michael Levitt at Stanford has been studying excess deaths. Would his work in this area be helpful in your analysis of excess deaths due to vaccination.

  6. Also, if you start a course of tablet (vitamin D, hydroxychlorquine, Ivermectin…) and have an adverse reaction you can stop taking it. There is no antidote to the vaccine!!!

  7. Steve – you are so correct to be disgusted – this is a depopulation scheme and the CDC, NIH, FDA and WHO are actually trying to kill people – I am convinced of it, because it is the only motive that explains their extreme corruption, their extreme inaction, the lies, the ignoring data, the censorship, the bashing of anyone telling the truth. We must investigate and jail Fauci and Lane, and bring down the CDC, NIH, FDA and the WHO – they are genocidal agencies now!

  8. Steve, Thank you very much for getting the information out on Early Ambulatory Treatment for COVID as well as concerns regarding the COVID injections. In Nevada City and Grass Valley, we have a combined population of approximately 15,855, I have now heard from two paramedics that they have been much more busy with covid vaccine adverse reactions in the last few months than all of the actual covid symptom calls, the entire year. We also had an eighteen year old have a heart attack, a 20 year old have a stroke and a 50 plus man die of a heart attack, all shortly after being vaccinated. I only know about these because of friends that are paramedics. A friend of mine had a aunt that died after her shot, after making it through covid earlier in the year, and another friend’s mother who lives in another country had such a high blood pressure response ,after getting the shot, that she was hospitalized.Yesterday when I took my son to get his hair cut, the stylist knew two people that had died, one of which was 20 and a middle aged man, and her own sister had begun hemorrhaging, after the shot. Though these are “anecdotal”, it behooves us to take heed and caution. Especially considering that the entire basis for this world response is the PCR test, which was not intended for this type of diagnostic, especially when it is run at such high cycles. A friend recently checked in with a local clinic and was told that the FTC tells the clinic to run the PCR at 40 cycles. For more on the PCR there is this. Going further for a risk to benefit analysis of taking the vaccine, we must put in the early treatment variable which puts things into even greater perspective. Regarding the spike protein, we need to look at things such as this: as well as the increasing amount of teens with myocarditis:

    1. You may want to read the comment by Carbone six spots below. The gist is that R00-R99 is primarily a backlog of still-processing deaths (mostly in larger states) that always looks the same six months back whenever one accesses the site.

  9. Steve you are an absolute Hero. I only found out about your work last week. Thought leaders like you should be in global alliances so that the visibility of freedom and truth can gain critical mass. Are you aware of Entrepreneur Clive Palmer and MP Craig Kelly in Australia ? If you google their names in context with HCQ and IVM you will find them. Palmer wanted to save Oz and has secured and donated a huge amount of HCQ to our govt at the start of the pandemic. Our govt shelfed it and outlawed it. They have used the global playbook. Cheers from Melbourne, Oz.

  10. FYI, I’ve just published this blog entry in French, inspired by your video:
    In the process, I drew the graphs showing “vaccination” vs “other symptoms, signs … not elsewhere classified”, and the same pattern appears in most states. Except several states do not use the “other symptoms” column (which leads to thing your 25.000 account is underestimated) and a few states show an opposite evolution : less “other symptom” deaths since vaccination started. Which doesn’t seem to make sense.

    1. Thanks to Carbone’s remark, my previous post is mostly irrelevant.
      Which does not mean Vaccines are safe. The figures in VAERS or in are definitely unusually high.

  11. Steve – please please do not stop. In Australia in 2 states, Victoria and Queensland MDS are threatened with jail if they prescribe IVM… Thank you for your work..

    1. Dirk, did you send this to Christensen, Kelly and Palmer or talk to them ? Cheers from Melbourne prison capital of the globe and fellow inmate !

  12. First of all, thank you very much for the work you are putting in on this extremely important issue. I have shared this video with many people and I have some feedback I’d like to share. While I found the order of the presentation logical, many of the responses I’ve received have to do with the early portion where you total the number of deaths…to the skeptic it seems that this is “very speculative” and draws assumptions that for whatever reason they do not see as obvious. I now believe a re-ordered version, where the death numbers are presented last, after the evidence and specific case histories has been shown may better reach those who have a firm grip on their blinders. Thank you again and I wish the best of health to you and your family.

  13. Regarding the CDC data, I have been analyzing the data and made a couple of observations that seem to show that this claim may not be as accurate as assumed. At least as far as I can tell.
    The first indication was observing many other causes of death steadily decrease to below average from roughly the same point at which R00-R99 increases. (December-January 2021). They are all lower than average compared to previous years.
    This includes:
    – Alzheimer’s (G30)
    – Cardiovascular (I60-I69)
    – Chronic lower respiratory
    – Diabetes (E10-E14)
    – Diseases of the Heart
    This led me to question whether the R00-R99 are deaths that have yet to be categorized. Possibly due to the lag time of lab results, or data entry. I then downloaded the same data from internet archive files to see if this pattern of increased R00-R99 occurs any time – even those prior to the vaccine campaign. Specifically using waybackmachine I downloaded the excel weekly data from November 13 2020. The same trend occurs. For the previous 24 weeks up to the point of recording, deaths in this category will appear above average (using 800 as an average – and it begins to increase exactly when you are noticing this increase – around the 24-28 week mark. Using the same calculation of 24 weeks prior to October 31 2020, total R00-R99 deaths account for 41985 – using your formula this would show 22785 above average deaths at a time of no vaccination. Which may be less than your 25,800 due to the higher death rates that occur in winter-spring months – as can be seen in previous years.
    You will also see that currently on the CDC October 31, 2020, shows 643 death in the United States under R00-R99.
    – the November archive file was showing 2316 deaths under R00-R99 in the united states. See excel file.
    I would assume this means that these deaths have now been categorized.
    Regarding VAERs data. I am skeptical of this data given that it is an opensource platform. Prior to covid I would agree that underreporting of side effects plays a role. However, due to a strong opposition to experimental vaccines this has become an easy target for those attempting to put an end to the campaign, thus ending any discussion regarding a mandatory vaccine, or what they see as a crime against humanity. The argument “well it is illegal” holds no ground. People will act, especially anonymously for what they feel is a moral obligation. Thousands of people stormed the capitol building while being filmed, what makes you people will hold back from making an anonymous VAERS entry.

    November 2020 data can be downloaded here

    1. It seems you’re right about the CDC data : whenever one downloads the data, recent weeks in column O “other symptoms…” are much higher than the previous ones.
      But the link you posted to download November 2020 data doesn’t seem to work anymore.

    2. About the idea VAERS may be used by opponents to the vaccines, I doubt your remark can be accurate. If you search, you can see that the figures for “Covid-19 vaccine” are much higher than for any other drug (1,15 million AE). Its 4 times more than the total of AEs reported for “influenza vaccine” since 1968. Even in Africa, where opposition to the new vaccines has probably less reasons to raise, there have been 21000 reports of AEs (and only 342 for the “influenza vaccine” in 50 years)

  14. Steve K.
    Sir I appreciate your work and diligence on this mess. I never believed the hype. A flu bug with a major freak-out from the press and too many people in suits making ridiculous statements. The bs was deep and it didn’t make sense. I have been taking Vit D, K, the B’s, C/with Zinc and oregano tea (fresh from my plant) in addition to a relatively clean diet free from GMO’s, and other no-no’s. As far as the shot is concerned Mrna, that was an immediate RED FLAG. Also I am subscribed to numerous pharmaceutical publications, news services etc. They have been buzzing and adding to their pipelines since feb 2020 (when I started my e-trade account). Looking at what they were developing early on was a HUGE RED FLAG. Specifically blood drugs, lung, kidney. Keep in my mind some of these companies never touched these areas previously. When the Pentagon awarded a pharma co. $11M in March 2020, AGAIN FLAG.
    Once I discovered that a cure had been patented by a sub-cid (EU based) of the Gates Foundation again FLAG. Wearing a mask, FLAG. Two ladies from OHSA did a video about that and it was very telling. So much information Dr. Mikovits, Tenpenny, Butar etc.
    c-vid was never the thing.
    The fear campaign to whip sheeple into a frenzy to get them to give up every last freedom we have (sound familiar September something ten years ago) to get them to take the shot. Companies have been taking advantage of the frenzy. Car companies making hand sanitizer which had been deregulated with regard to ingredients. The six feet nonsense, like seriously? I am mentioning many points in this comment out of pure frustration. Apologies for the rant portion of this comment…….

    1. @AntiHypoxicLass – Completely agree with your post! BS and RED FLAGS all over this covid narrative and the massive propaganda (fear porn) campaign. Dr. Mike Yeadon, ex-Chief Science Officer for Pfizer (specialty area is respiratory illnesses) has been calling out the all of the scientific fraud and never-ending lies. In this interview, he says people should not be afraid of the virus, as Dr. John Ioannidis has demonstrated that the infection fatality rate of the virus is slightly worse than the seasonal flu and should instead be terrified of the government Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s book “Corona False Alarm” is also worth a read.

      1. You can trust the GOV with Joe in office even less than normal. His controllers may up the fear on purpose.
        Ivermectin and Vitamins C & D.
        Forget vaccines since they do less than treatments.
        Simple way, just get D.

    1. @Kasper_Lindvig @Kasper_Lindvig – Yes, it’s also my opinion that the mRNA vaccines were never meant to save lives. I believe all of the propaganda from the MSM was all about scaring people into taking the experimental vaccines.

      Dr. Peter McCollough also seems to think the pandemic was all about the vaccine: “… The entire programme as this bioterrorism Phase 1 was rolled out, was really all about keeping the population in fear and in isolation and preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be Phase 2 of a bioterrorism operation.” (

      Dr. Mike Yeadon, ex-Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, has suggested that this is for depopulation ( and

      An ex-Russian military intelligence officer also believes one of the prime goals for this Covid operation is depopulation. He sees this as a global operation of the financial oligarchy (“behind the scenes power”). More on that here

      I also agree that covid is cover for ushering in UN Agenda 21 and the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Great Reset, which is basically a world takeover, where all aspects of life will be controlled by technology. And this is NOT a “conspiracy theory” – this is out in the open and you can go to the WEF website and read all about it. Or you can read Klaus Schwab’s book Covid 19- The Great Reset. They also have plans for a cashless society (digital money) and digital ID (Agenda ID2020):

      This is really about the future of the human race and whether we will remain free. We have already lost our rights and freedom. People are now being forced to take these experimental vaccines or lose their jobs. If we lose autonomy over our own bodies, then we are basically slaves. And this is just the beginning.

      All warfare is based on deception. ~ Sun Tzu

  15. Steve- Thanks for all you are doing to expose the death count from these experimental vaccines. I shared your info (tweet about you having an insider helping you, the death count is over 25,800, and your video) with lots of people in the alternative media, so hopefully your information is getting out there. I also passed it along to Del Bigtree at the Informed Consent Action Network, and I’m hoping he will share it with his listeners. Here he is with a nurse who says that a Houston hospital is instructing hospital employees not to list vaccine adverse reactions which makes you wonder if this is going on at all hospitals.

  16. I just stumbled upon this video which seems to demonstrate that they are deleting deaths from the VAERS system. I’m not familiar with the system myself, but this guy seems to say that the cases are sequential, but he’s finding that certain case numbers have been deleted, yet the numbers before and after are still there. The title of his video says that the CDC has deleted 150K deaths from VAERS, but I don’t see how he gets to that number (seems speculative). Anyway, I’m just posting this in case it could be helpful:
    IMO CDC is a corrupt institution. Don’t forget there was a CDC whistleblower who came out years ago saying that they had evidence that the MMR vaccine was causing Autism and they deleted the evidence. The whistleblower knew because he was on that research team.

  17. This was an excellent analysis. Thank you for spending the time to provide all of this extremely important information. I just went to the CDC website and found the data page for downloading the 2020-2021 death statistics. I looks like the average deaths prior to Dec 26th was 667, so your estimate of 25k+ dead from the vaccines is actually conservative. I came out with 30479 from 12/26 through 6/9. If you consider how many countries are ahead of the US with regards to “vaccinations”, we’re probably looking at 50k to 100k deaths from these dangerous experimental compounds. People should be held accountable for this fraudulent and genocidal act.

  18. Thrilled you put this video together, the only thing I am still a bit ticked off about is everyone pointing the finger at Fauci these days! Trump said if you voted for me go get your vaccine! He is a sellout and so is his daughter Ivanka! We’re talking about mass genocide here and many are complicit! Thanks again Steve for a fantastic article/video!!!!!! 

  19. “The cost of life is not important to them” (NIH – 49:50) – says it all. Callous indifference towards the suffering of others is the rule, not the exception, thru history.

  20. Steve,

    Thank you for your impassioned and humanitarian response via your early treatment philanthropy work and brining to light the false and criminal narrative surrounding the experimental covid shots via this excellent presentation.

    I will add that collectively, we were forced to follow, illogical, unsafe and unscientific mandates that were put into place, versus early treatment and that the PCR tests were misused to increase cases, thereby enriching many individuals and institutions in the way of bailouts, new Covid jobs and business opportunities, not to mention an enormous transfer of wealth.

    The PCR test manipulation alone, throws out the entire premise for all Emergency measures/mandates put into place, including EUA of the experimental injections. How this was allowed to move forward, is beyond my comprehension.

    We knew there was massive corruption and deceit since spring of 2020 even before mention of the experimental shots, which we also knew were coming. We, being the global public, Medical community, healthcare workers, scientists and whistleblowers who were questioning the mandates and screaming from mountaintops and on social media to anyone who would listen: Something is very wrong with this picture! You can read myriad 2020 posts from several accounts on telegram, or go to Bitchute to watch videos alerting the public of the agenda.

    In an ideal world, the logical and mindfully thought out actions you propose, would be considered and put into place, but I have witnessed and felt nothing but tyranny, coming from an authoritarian and very planned out agenda to dehumanize, control, suppress and cause great harm to humanity, most especially our beloved elders, children and young people.

    You may want to look into the history of the AMA and vaccinations, as unbelievable and painful as the information is to come to terms with.

    Again, thank you for standing up and speaking out against the unethical and inhumane behavior of those entrusted with public wellbeing and safety. If more had behaved like you in 2020, we may never have gotten to this point in history.

    1. @Myriam1959 I completely agree with you on the PCR test. In case others are not aware, here’s some more information on that:

      Asymptomatic ‘Casedemic’ Is a Perpetuation of Needless Fear The PCR test is not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool as it cannot distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones. Amplification over 35 cycles is considered unreliable and scientifically unjustified. Dr. Anthony Fauci has admitted the chances of a positive result being accurate at 35 cycles or more “are minuscule.” Yet the CDC, FDA and WHO all recommend using 40 to 45 cycles. Recent research shows that to maximize accuracy, PCR tests for COVID-19 should use far fewer cycles. At 17 cycles, 100% of the positive results were confirmed to be real positives. Above 17 cycles, accuracy drops dramatically. By the time you get to 33 cycles, the accuracy rate is a mere 20%, meaning 80% are false positives.

      COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens Why PCR Tests Are the Wrong Tool to Assess Pandemic Threat 1.Cannot distinguish between “live” viruses and inactive (noninfectious) viral particles and therefore cannot be used as a diagnostic tool — For this reason, it is grossly misleading to refer to a positive test as a “COVID-19 case.” As explained by Dr. Lee Merritt in her August 2020 Doctors for Disaster Preparedness1 lecture, featured in “How Medical Technocracy Made the Plandemic Possible,” media and public health officials appear to have purposefully conflated “cases” or positive tests with the actual illness. Medically speaking, a “case” refers to a sick person. It never ever referred to someone who had no symptoms of illness. Now all of a sudden, this well-established medical term, “case,” has been arbitrarily redefined to mean someone who tested positive for the presence of noninfectious viral RNA. As noted by Merritt, “That is not epidemiology. That’s fraud.”
      4. Have exceptionally high false result rates — The higher the cycle threshold (CT) — i.e., the number of amplification cycles used to detect RNA particles — the greater the chance of a false positive. While any CT over 35 is deemed scientifically unjustifiable,2,3,4 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend running PCR tests at a CT of 40.5 Drosten tests and tests recommended by the World Health Organization are set to a CT of 45. These excessively high CTs guarantee the appearance of widespread (pandemic) infection when infection rates are in fact low. The CT Is the Key to the Pandemic By running PCR tests at 40 to 45 amplification cycles, you end up with the false appearance of an outbreak, and this grossly flawed testing scheme is what government leaders are basing their mask mandates and lockdown orders on.
      Ex-Pfizer Chief Science Officer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, says second wave was faked with false positives from the PCR test and that the pandemic is over: And from his twitter: “Look, I can’t be more direct. We can’t have a lethal pandemic sweeping the land, killing thousands of people & it NOT show up in the total mortality charts…It’s MISDIAGNOSES. Please wake up. It’s not even new. PCR false positive pseudo epidemics exist. We’ve got one. When in a pseudoepidemic everyone thinks it’s a real epidemic. But we don’t have extra deaths The fascinating thing about test related pseudo epidemics is that they vanish as soon as the aberrant test is halted. Nothing else changes because nothing else is happening.”
      Dr. Mike Yeadon: The PCR False Positive Pseudoepidemic
      Dr Clare Craig: “We Are In A False Positive Pseudo-Epidemic”

      And to your point about the history of the AMA and vaccinations, I highly recommend Dr. Suzanne Humphries book “Dissolving Illusions.” Dr. Humphries was a hospital nephrologist when one too many patients came to her with kidney failure and basically said everything was fine until they got the swine flu shot. Dr. Humphries says that doctors are not taught anything about vaccines except they are good and to give them. She ended up leaving her job to do full-time research and basically came to the conclusion that everything we have been told about vaccines is a lie. She went through the historical data and has charts to demonstrate the all of those childhood illnesses were on their way out before the vaccine was added. Dr. Humphries also notes that the world’s leading expert on smallpox, Dr. Thomas Mack, says that vaccines did not eradicate smallpox and that it was actually economic development that made the difference (clean water, sanitation, etc.).

    1. As the article says, “The agency has inadvertently given the anti-vax community a powerful tool for spreading misinformation about the vaccines it’s encouraging the world to use.” – Both the tool and the anti-vax movement have been around for long before the Covid mRNA / vector vaccines. So, there’s that.

      The article is an assertion about reality, not an argument. Some of the VAERS reports are questionable and dismissible; others may be sincere but nonetheless incorrect attributions to the vaccine based on bad timing. That does not lead to a proof that “We have a whole spinning narrative of misinformation that’s based on tiny kernels of truth,” as the article asserts. Because it is equally possible that the truth is worse than what is being reported in VAERS – that we have a kernel of information corresponding to a tsunami of truth. We just don’t know.

      It’s nonsensical to use the *inability* of the VAERS system to keep up with a true, large-scale medical catastrophe, as an argument that we can’t possibly be actually experiencing one. But what else is the media good for, but passing off nonsense as “expert opinion.”

    2. “On March 8 the CDC reported with very little fanfare that they had reviewed 1600 deaths on the VERS system and believe that none of them were related to the vaccine. This was concerning to the medical community. I have participated in dozens of data safety monitoring boards and on critical endpoint committees, I can tell you that that kind of work would have taken many months to complete, to review all the laboratories, the death certificates and the circumstances surrounding each death. It is impossible for unnamed regulatory doctors who have no experience with covid to opine about the cause of death . So essentially this was effectively a scrubbing of those deaths from the record.” – Peter A. McCullough, M.D., M.P.H., Vice Chief of Internal Medicine, Baylor University Medical Center

    3. Well, I would say that the video on this page should do the job, since it’s also based on the CDC data. The article you cite does deserve a lengthy rebuttal in areas not covered by Steve’s video here. Just some brief observations: (1) he says that the increase in VAERS reports could just be due to the fact that the vaccines are issued under “Emergency Use Authorization” so doctors are more readily reporting. Excuse me? Logic? You’re saying “don’t worry about the excess reports, they’re just there because we asked people to report them?” (2) he says the Canadian system is better because it’s doctors and pharmacists reporting – of course, another possibility is that in gov’t run health care, it’s easier to intimidate people into not reporting (if you’re fired by the government, you can’t go anywhere else to get a job, since they all work for the government). Watch this account by a Canadian doctor who defied a gag order to talk about all the adverse events he’s seen in first nations people, says the government is scrubbing unprecedented numbers of vaccine related deaths. (3) he debunks a half dozen VAERS reports – wow, that’s impressive – one out of 1000 is false!

  21. Keep going Steve. The truth will slowly seep into the main stream if we stand together ! It surely is a war on every level in every nation. Cheers from Melbourne Oz, the strong cities network’s premier prison capital.

  22. Steve:
    I don’t know where to begin so I will just cut to the chase… THANK YOU.
    I, like you, have watched the sham of a pandemic for over a year in complete confusion. Why they are shutting countries down for a condition that has a CFR of less than 1 in 10,000 and for someone healthy, the CFR is effectively zero.
    But this vaccine scam is a new low, in fact I think its man slaughter.

    Thank you for putting the data together.


  23. Senator Ron Johnson has written the NIH to get all Fauci’s emails unredacted. Senator Johnson says there has been a coverup in the lab leak and a coverup on early treatment. Senator Ron Johnson has written 3 letters to Dr. Francis Collins to learn what they have done about early treatments, Collins claims the NIH has spent $100,000,000+ exploring generic drugs for early treatments, but hasn’t responded to Johnson’s request showing what this involved.

    Here is the tweet reference:

    Here is the letter directed to Director Collins about receiving Fauci’s unredacted emails to see what is behind the redactions:

    Eric Clapton Details How The COVID Vaccine Paralyzed Him: Full Interview
    The full Eric Clapton interview form Oracle Films can be found here.

    Eric Clapton details how he was duped into getting the Astra Zeneca vaccine, what it did to his body, how the UK government installed a tracking app on his phone and the online hatred and bullying he received for speaking out against COVID lockdowns.

  25. Hi Steve. I’ve been covering this “pandemic” closely since the outset (retired Software Engineer), and have published a good few videos highlighting the absurdities, such as India locking down their country in March 2020 when they had a microscopic 12 deaths (perhaps there’s more going on here than a “novel” virus strain?), and whilst we seem to be in absolute agreement that these experimental jabs should STOP yesterday, I’m surprised you’re accepting the massively exaggerated official figures on “Covid deaths”, when Birx told us back on April 7th, 2020 how they were openly SCAMMING us on the death count, by upending centuries of best medical practice, and including anyone in the total who is “Covid positive”, IRRESPECTIVE of any pre-existing conditions, i.e. if you have a catastrophic heart attack or stroke, this would be recorded as a “Covid death”, if you were also “Covid positive” (it later emerged that you are included if you’re even suspected of being “Covid positive”, such as being in a nursing home with a confirmed case). This was later confirmed by the CDC, when they stated they could only directly attribute 6% of deaths to Covid, which would reduce the intentionally “scary” current U.S. total from 600K down to 36K, which is right around the average annual Influenza deaths, which you may have heard have all but disappeared…

    Would this not likely make your risk assessment, especially for children, who were NEVER the driver of this alleged “pandemic”, which the FDA are now saying can get the vaxx, a VERY CLEAR no brainer, and NO ONE should be getting these vaccines. See my short (6:32) fully cited video (using MSM sources) where I did my very best to convince my 80+ year old Uncle in NYC that the “pandemic” was a blatant FRAUD, back on December 26th, in the hope he wouldn’t get the forthcoming vaxx.

    If you have the time, I think you might also like the video I made right at the start of this “event”:

    Deep-state JUMPS THE SHARK, locking down almost Covid-free India; my analysis of Flu vs Covid deaths

    1. @Daniel_B Yes, I completely agree with you on how they deliberately inflated the death count. Here’s more information on that: “The 2003 guidelines for establishing death certificates had been cancelled. “Had the CDC used its industry standard, Medical Examiners’ and Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting Revision 2003, as it has for all other causes of death for the last 17 years, the COVID-19 fatality count would be approximately 90.2% lower than it currently is.”
      The COVID-19 Fraud – It’s Massive Minnesota State Senator Dr. Scott Jensen exposed how the AMA is encouraging American doctors to over-count coronavirus deaths across the US.
      CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths
      Director of Illinois Public Health on how deaths are determined (she basically says that if you are in hospice, dying of cancer with 2 weeks to live, but you get a positive PCR test, then your death is counted as a Covid death)
      Also, there have been nurses who have come forward (esp. in NYC) saying that the hospitals were actually murdering people with ventilators (yes, that word was used): Perspectives on the Pandemic | The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse | Episode Nine There are other nurse whistleblower videos here (scroll down to whistleblower section).
      There are massive crimes going on and nobody is doing anything about it. I found some kind of watch dog group that was looking into Cuomo’s crimes, so I sent the nurse whistleblower information, but nothing has happened. Apparently, Cuomo gave hospitals blanket immunity (license to kill?) for covid.

  26. Thank you so much for this presentation Steve. I’ve had a kidney transplant for 22 years and I take NAC everyday to maintain it and I had had no idea what was going on with the FDA. I appreciate all your research and I have spread the word to friends who are willing to listen, though there are not many.

  27. Found error in transcript with time stamps:
    “At 12:15 into the presentation Mr. Kirsch reveals a data distribution revealing a dramatic spike in deaths associated with the COVID-19.” – missing vaccine
    “He also emphasizes that the indication of Myocarditis/Pericarditis actually increases with vaccination and age which is counter intuitive in that young people should have less probability of experiencing such heart related troubles.” – associated with younger or lower ages?

  28. Thanks for your great work on this, Steve. I heard you on Dark Horse, and was just amazed at what I was hearing. BTW, FWIW, I didn’t in the least think you were rude. Your being animated was completely justified by the insanity of what we’re looking at. Many, many thanks.

  29. Mr. Kirsch, the whole 15:51 segment is bad reasoning and, for the sake of the overall argument, needs to be removed. The R00-R99 six month “surge” is easily explainable as a persistent pending/processing effect, which will *always* appear to start at 6 months back from whenever one is looking at the data. The same “surge” happened last year ( Further, if you pore through various individual states, you can see that among small states there is absolutely no consistent surge pattern: some small states do not even use that category.

    Even if the number of deaths caused by the vaccines to date turns out to be 25,000 (or higher!), the reliance on unprocessed and inconsistently measured data as a surrogate for an excess deaths analysis is totally faulty. This undermines this video and all the other (valid) points made within it, and ultimately hurts the movement to raise an alarm over the Covid vaccines.

    The data are going to be messy and take time to sort out. Pathology isn’t even a real science (we can’t experiment with killing people); in the end the full, thorough comparison between the vaxxed and unvaxxed will be the smoking gun(s). I admire your work on this issue (even if I think you are actually *underplaying* the biggest danger of the vaccines, which is immune disfunction / enhancement and creation of IgE antibody sensitivity to routine coronaviruses), but it may be time to slow things down a bit on the “data analysis” front, and focus the argument on the theory front, even if that doesn’t get as many clicks.

      1. Already did so on June 15 with the same link (from my small and barely used account). When I looked at the state by state values and observed the inconsistent R00-R99 patterns among small states – Alaska has no entries, Colorado has none until March 6, Delaware none until April 10, Maine none until May 1 – it seemed obvious that the category is just a generic backlog for not-yet processed causes of death. A google search led me to the link that I shared above.

        To reiterate from my perhaps overly terse OP, your logic about the underreporting is totally sound – there’s no category for vaccines, so not only are we conducting a hugely dangerous medical experiment on millions of people, we are doing so without a methodology to measure the impact – but, the conclusions drawn from R00-R99 “surge” are not sound. (It’s certainly *possible* that individual doctors are using the category for patients they suspect of being vaccine adverse deaths, and that those trends will begin to show up in a larger R00-R99 tail (baseline) in the coming weeks. It’s just as easily possible that almost all vaccine adverse deaths are being categorized as “cerebrovascular” or “diseases of heart,” and that everything in R00-R99 are as-yet unprocessed cancer deaths. And so on.)

    1. >> the reliance on unprocessed and inconsistently measured data as a surrogate for an excess deaths analysis is totally faulty.
      No it’s not. We use sample data all the time. The only problem is that Steve makes the wrong assumptions about the data: it’s actually two orders of magnitude higher.
      He should not quote a specific figure, but rather a range, along with the assumptions which lead to that range.

      1. That addresses my statement in a very, very generic sense. In the specific context – R00-R99 – even if an analyst was in possession of the normal trends and then adjusted for overall deaths, how would the analyst distinguish between an increase in “deaths that fit the typical profile of not-yet-processed R00-R99 deaths,” suggesting a mysterious, hard-to-categorize illness sweeping the country, and a mere change in individual state processing speed or categorization policies? You would have to have your feet on the ground in every hospital of every single state where a change in the trend was occurring, to tell the difference. That doesn’t preclude using the figure to flag the possibility of a real problem; it just precludes jumping to conclusions.

        1. There are three gigantic factors which we can only estimate: the proportion of victims reporting events to their clinicians; the proportion of clinicians bothering to and being capable of filing a report; and the proportion of events sent to VAERS which actually appear on (and stay in) the database. Looking for details is pointless, because each of these factors swamps any details.

          Typically 1-3% of adverse events are reported. Given that clinicians are being fired for ‘anti-vaccine activities’, the proportion is probably closer to 1% this year.

          Based on trends from early in the year, and comparing the numbers then with the number of vaccinations carried out then compared with now, we can calculate that only about 10% (of the 1%) are put onto the database.

          The database is periodically “cleansed” by simply deleting cases.

  30. Thank you for this great effort and getting as much data as we can out of the VAERS report. I’m confused by the following two sentences in the written material:
    “VAERS COVID-19 vaccine spike within a day to three days after the vaccination event. He also emphasizes that the indication of Myocarditis/Pericarditis actually increases with vaccination and age which is counter intuitive in that young people should have less probability of experiencing such heart related troubles”
    Do you mean that Myocarditis increases the younger the age of the patients? That seems what you are trying to say given that you say that “young people should have less probability of experiencing such heart related troubles?
    Thank you for clarifying this.

  31. Thank you, thank you, thank you Steve. A heartbreaking, enraging and terrifying set of data. I felt pressured to get the vax (I am a job seeker) but had such a strong and lasting reaction to Pfizer #1 that I did not get the 2nd and submitted a report on VAERS. My naturopath, usually fairly enlightened, refused to prescribe IVM so I had to go elsewhere. You’re right- they are afraid. Thank you for continuing to speak out.

  32. I wonder how many adverse events are reported by the patient’s attending physician vis-a-vis the patient themselves or a third party with no personal knowledge of the event or relevant professional licensure?
    It seems to me that if the vaccines are so terribly dangerous that the public outcry would be equally overwhelming.
    Note: I suffered an adverse event from each my my two Pfizer vaccinations – sufficient to send me to the Emergency Department each time.
    However, I can’t prove that the vaccine was the cause – and I’m still alive without any long-term negative consequences.
    For me, the issue remains a risk-benefit calculus – which as of now, and based on knowledge of my own comorbidites, heavily favors vaccination over doing nothing.
    My 2 cents – your mileage may vary.

    1. “Heavily favors vaccination over doing nothing”

      Have you watched the Dark Horse podcast/ vid interview Dr Malone inventor of mRNA vaccines ?

      The Frankenjab has serious safety signals ( short and long term ) as they now know from bio distribution studies ,

      The problem is the MSM has led the public to believe its vax or get CV and possibly die.

      They don’t talk about how Ivermectin could have ended the Pandemic already.

      You never received the proper early proven safe had effective treatment you should have. You could have gotten a rx for Ivermectin early on and felt much better in 24 to 48 hours,

      Look at cases that went to court where in one case the patient was on a vent and given 20% chance to live.

      Look at India states and countries where Ivermectin was used vs those that didn’t.

      It’s available over the counter in Mexico .
      Used by real healers in the US , per Dr Kory , who testified to the Senate in Dec

      Biggest Crime against Humanity ever .

      1. >>Biggest Crime against Humanity ever .
        Not by a long shot. So few people have actually died of CV, even if all of them had been saved by ivermectin it wouldn’t have made any real difference to overall mortality. Orders of magnitude more people die of cancer and heart disease each year because they eat meat rather than the food their bodies were designed for.

        1. “Orders of magnitude more people die of cancer and heart disease each year because they eat meat rather than the food their bodies were designed for.”
          I completely disagree with this.


          1. Because you don’t understand human physiology, whereas I do.
            Our bodies were designed to eat plants, not dead animals.
            This is why we can’t synthesize vitamin C.
            This is why our guts are three times the length of those of carnivores.
            This is why our dentition and jaw structure is like those of other plant-eaters.
            This is why the pH of our stomachs is too high to kill the bacteria in raw meat – unlike carnivores.

        2. I think you’re forgetting all the people who committed suicide, elderly who died without their family at their side, lost their livelihood or family businesses, were driven to financial ruin, were evicted because they could not work, not to mention the trauma to children and our youth (Mental illness is at an all-time high) because of the draconian measures taken in order to scare everybody into taking an experimental Frankenscience injection that has proven to be a ticking time bomb.

      2. FYI- it’s to late to ref. the video on Dark Horse Podcast. It’s Gone!
        Twitter and YouTube have Censored the Free Speech of Dr Malone, Bret Weinstein and Steve Kirsch.

    2. >>the public outcry would be equally overwhelming.
      It is. But not in the fake media which you rely on.

      >>For me, the issue remains a risk-benefit calculus – which as of now, and based on knowledge of my own comorbidites, heavily favors vaccination over doing nothing.
      You are not even close.

      1. Ad hominems and mind reading seem to be status quo in the world of social media.
        No matter how carefully I try to craft a comment to be non-offensive, someone inevitably appears and attempts to convince me that my questions are moronic via ridicule and debasement.
        C’est la vie.