Animal Rights Group Label OHSU Worst in the Country

Oregon Live Lizzy Acker reported that Ohio-based Stop Animal Exploitation Now has filed multiple complaints with the U.S. Department of Agriculture—furthermore they have labeled Oregon Health and Science University’s primate lab as the “worse U.S. primate lab.”  Michael Budkie, executive director, noted “OHSU has violated the Animal Welfare Act more than other major primate laboratories in the past 18 months.”  OHSU has countered that the complaint is “inconsistent with the record and the reputation of the Oregon National Primate Research Center.”

According to the animal rights group OHSU has 12 federal violations—3 times the next violator.  TrialSite News cannot be certain of the situation, but if these facts are true, OHSU should revisit its policies and procedures and associated quality management system associated with the relevant legal statutes. Clinical research is vitally important, and animals plays a critical role.  The ethical treatment of animals—especially primates—is imperative.