America’s 7th Largest City Moving and Shaking in the World of Precision Therapeutics as Four Big Players Create Research Collaborative

Hispanic scientist looking at liquids in vials

Recently the San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics (SA PPT) was established by UT Health San Antonio, Texas Biomedical Research Institute (Texas Biomed), the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and Southwest Research Institute (SwRI®). Representing four of the largest research institutions in San Antonio–America’s 7th largest city by population—each of the institutions kicked-in $200,000 to launch SA PPT. The vision is bold and direct—combine technology, medicine, and collaboration to drive advanced, precision-based therapies systematically.

Recently announced by the UT Health Newsroom, “The Alamo City’s” researchers are raising the stakes in precision translational research. With $800,000, the San Antonio institutions’ commitment to translational research and breakthrough precision medicine represents the vast potential of this collaborative.

Real-World Population

Hispanics represent the largest ethnic group in the United States at about 55 million (17%) and growing. The U.S. Census projects that by 2060, the Hispanic population will reach 111 million or nearly 30% of the entire country’s population. Yet with traditional clinical research, a concerning dearth of Hispanic participation continues to hinder the move toward precision, targeted therapies.

As drug development moves from volume to value, from the general to the more targeted–the precision therapeutic movement now represents the unique merging of precision medicine (interventions based on genetics, environment, and diet) and the complete discovery pathway.

San Antonio, America’s seventh-largest city, is a diverse place making it a prime location for the development of precision therapeutics. At 65%, the Alamo City represents a vibrant, diverse Hispanic heritage—one that will now be a force in the precision therapeutics movement. The vision of SA PPT is timely—the research today will be ready for the population that is coming.

The Participants

SA PPT benefits from the four largest research institutions in the region. Each one will contribute not only the seed capital but, more importantly, the incredible human money, resources, and assets that these institutions possess—UT Health San Antonio, Texas Biomed, UTSA and SwRI® each represent a unique and valuable contribution. When combined—with collaborative synergies, the outcomes are promising. See the source from UT Health San Antonio for a description of the relevant research assets each contributing institution brings to the collaborative.

Call to ActionTrialSite News will monitor SA PPT and provide any material research updates for our audience. Note that Liz Tullis has been named SA PPT Interim Operations Director. She will be responsible for establishing routines and governance, operational performance, and strategic planning. See their website for more details. Or Ms. Tullis can be reached at 512-587-0607; [email protected]