Alan Cannell talks COVID-19: Nobody Likes Cheap Solutions | Podcast S2 E41

We sit down with Alan Cannell, who has been a collaborator with TrialSite News down in Brazil and talk about treatments for Covid-19.

An engineer by training he is originally from the Isle Of Man between Scotland and Ireland and moved to Brazil IN THE 1970s and now has a family there. He has been applying his methodical engineering mindset to studying the trends of using Ivermectin at least at the local level in Brazil.



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  1. Great presentation. Thank you, TSN. I spread this news far and wide, every single day. Dr. Paul Marik with his newest protocol I-MASK+, will help save the peoples of countries defying and suppressing the use of Ivermectin like the USA, Europe, etc. There are shameful amounts of morbidity and mortality, nearly entirely preventable with a robust public health system, which in the USA, we do NOT have. AMA, FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID, are you listening? Yes, you are and you are ignoring it. It’s not lost on all of us, that is for sure. As a long term practicing NP in Family Medicine, the corruption is staggering, appalling, and I for one, won’t stand for it.

    1. Hi, please write to government officials. With Biden, science is back and maybe corruption will go out of style!

      1. Can you update us on your use of ivermectin in COVID patients – number treated, time to turnaround of symptoms, need for hospitalization, etc

  2. COVID-19 in Australia: where now? After a protracted period of lockdown, there have been no new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in the Australian state of Victoria for 13 days. With the curve now largely flat nationwide, it seems that the main challenge, for the moment, will be to manage scattered clusters of outbreaks, ideally within primary care. This is a good setting to test whether a variety of treatments, including Invermectin, given to people who are close contacts of newly diagnosed cases of COVID-19, when added to the standard measures of test, diagnose, trace and isolate, can decrease the incidence of COVID infection or reduce severity of subsequent disease. Such strategies, if proven effective, will be useful even after vaccines are introduced, providing an additional arm of management for people who have not accessed vaccines, are not protected by vaccines, or as the virus mutates. Do governments have plans and protocols for such trials?

    1. Hi, Dr Stricker. Long time no see.

      IVR CRUSHED HCQ in a head-to head RCT! Yes Ivermectin IVR CRUSHED HCQ Hydroxychloroquin. – shows RCT paper itself – shows results – labs improve dramatically – more result – massive reduction in deaths.

      There’s your randomized controlled trial. And it’s not the only one.

      PS My family member (mentioned on this page) is OK.

  3. Thank you very informative.

    I’m trying to make sense of ivermectin in light of the Surgisphere /Sapan S. Desai scandal/ ivermectin paper RETRACTION.

    Initially I was upset to see that Paul Marik et. al., are still referencing it on the protocol website, even though the scandal broke over a month ago.
    After watching this I’m starting to wonder if the now-retracted paper itself was an attempt to delegitimize ivermectin. I. e. the fabricated research data was *supposed* to be “discovered”!

    (And if his newest protocol is I-MASK+, why are the latest downloads still referring to MATH+??? Feeling a bit frantic as I think a family member just came down with it yesterday. )

  4. Dr lucy kerr, mentioned in the audio above, leads a 570 medical doctors group here in Brazil. This group is using Ivermectin do prevent and treat covid. My family and I are using Ivermectin in a preventive mode.

  5. I live in Australia.I am eighty years old I have many good data sets on both Triple Treatments being Hydrooxychloraqine or Ivermectin with Zinc and Doxycycline for the Corona Virus and their positive results.Vaccines timing and effectiveness for older people are questionable.It is so bad here that our Chef Mredical Officer in QLD has banned GP’s prescribing Hydroxychloraquine under the pain of six months jail We are on our own here our doctors too frightened to prescribe these life saving drugs I have contacted our Governments and receive no reply In other countries Doctors are braver and prescribing these drugs with very positive results The big question is why the massive opposition .I realise that both these drugs got off to a bad start due to ignorance and apparently mud sticks and our so called experts do not lower them selves to truly follow up on the massive progress that has been made in a very short time mainly due to no where else to go so take a small risk I am very worried with what is ahead of us unless saneness starts to prevail