African American Clinical Research Disparity Survey

Sep 19, 2018 | Blog

TrialSite News is pleased to announce its first Clinical Research Disparity survey. An extensive body of literature and references points to the fact that health disparities continue to exist in the United States. Across multiple therapeutic and disease categories, African Americans fare worse than others—particularly white or Caucasian Americans. For example, according to American Cancer Society’s “Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans 2016-2018” African American experience significantly higher death rates from major diseases including:

Focusing on African Americans in the Beaumont and Houston Texas areas, we sought to better understand perceptions and perspectives of clinical research generally and clinical trials specifically. Our team surveyed 100 African Americans in a week period in late August to early September.

The TrialSite News Clinical Research Disparity survey fared better than expected. We not only found individuals willing to answer questions but once they felt comfortable, were willing to provide perspective and even consideration for how health systems, research sites and even biopharmaceutical companies can engage with African American communities for better results.

The findings were in one sense not surprising but in others eye opening. Core underlying themes include mistrust driven by historical precedent, socioeconomic barriers and perceptions of unequal treatment in interacting with healthcare institutions. By registering you will not only have access to the survey results but also recommendations for possible approaches for engagement with the African American community in the Beaumont and Houston Texas areas. TrialSite News also plans a much larger and more comprehensive Clinical Research Disparity Survey via Facebook groups. Once you are registered for the newsletter these survey results will be sent at no charge as well.

TrialSite News is committed to the mission of improving healthcare for all in our society. With our specific focus on clinical research transparency, we are supporting a series of surveys and outreach activities into select communities including the African American and Hispanic/Latino communities. Our goal is to engage directly with individuals in communities experiencing inequality to elicit direct feedback, commentary and perspective that we can then document, analyze and publish for all to read and consider for future policy and program formation as well as strategic and tactical considerations for direct research program engagement.

Download the full survey


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