AAHRPP Accredits 3 More Research Organizations, Including First in Jordan

AAHRPP Accredits 3 More Research Organizations Including First in Jordan TrialsiteN

The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP) reports that it has accredited three more research organizations, including a first in the Middle Eastern country of Jordan.

The three newly accredited research sites include:

Accreditation is vitally important for research sites. It represents a commitment to quality and safety for human participants in clinical research, in the case of AAHRPP.

King Hussein Cancer Center is the first organization in Jordan and the first comprehensive cancer center in the Middle East to earn the accreditation, extending AAHRPP’s impact in the region. Already two organizations in Saudi Arabia are AAHRPP accredited.

AAHRPP has accredited organizations across the United States and in countries from Canada to Belgium, India, China and southeast Asia, such as Thailand. Securing an AAHRPP accreditation is not easy—a research site/center must demonstrate they have built up extensive safeguards into every level of their research operation and that they adhere to high standards for research.

AAHRPP reports in their recent press release that all major U.S. independent institutional review boards have earned the AAHRPP accreditation. Additionally, more than 70% of U.S. medical college and 85% of the top National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded academic medical centers are either AAHRPP accredited or have begun the process. NIH, the world’s largest public funder of research, has earned accreditation, as has Pfizer, the largest industry sponsor of clinical research.

Emergence of New Complementary  Accreditation Models

It is good news that AAHRPP accreditation numbers are growing. This evidences a solid trend toward a commitment to quality and patient safety. TrialSite News celebrates each and every research site that earns AAHRPP accreditation.

We also focus on an exciting emerging complementary accreditation from the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) Site Accreditation Standards Initiative (SASI). Led by visionary Dr. Greg Koski and Larry Kennedy, the ACRES SASI effort was published last year in the New England Journal of Medicine. ACRES SASI is rolling out a new, systems-driven research site accreditation to augment AAHRPP and help sites improve not only safety and quality but also efficiency.  As 2019 progresses, a dynamic and research site-focused accreditation wave is coming, offering research sites around the world new ways to consider a systems-based approach to improving site focused quality, safety and efficiency. Research sites committed to accreditation from AAHRPP, ACRES SASI and others surely are promoted in Site Watch Leading as leading research sites dedicated to continuous improvement and excellence above and beyond their peers.