A Trial for Kids at Risk of Type 1 Diabetes was Scaled Back, Leaving Families in Limbo

Research Led by City of Hope’s Bart O. Roep, Ph.D., Advances Personalized Medicine for Children With Type 1 Diabetes

At 19 years old, Sarah Hornak was diagnosed with Type
1 diabetes. It has been nearly 15 years since she learned she has the disease,
a condition in which the body's immune cells attack the pancreas, the gland
that regulates blood glucose levels by secreting insulin.

Having a family history is one risk factor:
A child with no affected relatives has a 1 in 300 chance of developing Type 1
diabetes. With an affected parent, the odds spike to 1 in 20. So when Sarah
(whose last name is now Zuger) learned about a clinical trial to screen
patients' children for their risk of developing the disease, she decided to
enroll her own infant son, Liam, at 18 months old to "have peace of


The trial,
called TrialNet, is run by an
international consortium of researchers who aim to understand how Type 1
diabetes develops over time and to find ways to halt its progression. TrialSite
News has actually covered Trial Net before, introducing them as a company “dedicated
to testing new approaches to the prevention and early intervention for type 1
diabetes (T1D).  With a network 160,000+
diabetes patients and family members worldwide, the goal of TrialNet is to

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