A Premier Provider of IRB, IBC & Research Site Solutions Thanks Sites on International Clinical Trials Day

A Premier Provider of IRB, IBC & Research Site Solutions Thanks Sites on International Clinical Trials Day

International Clinical Trials Day arrives this year during a very difficult time for the front-lines of clinical research: the clinical investigational sites along with their investigators, coordinators, nurses, and other staff that are employed by sites. The COVID-19 pandemic put a freeze on much of the industry making site life difficult for most. Despite set-backs and freezes, research sites across the United States and beyond stepped up in myriad ways—from helping communities undertake SARS-CoV-2 testing and setting up drive-thru testing facilities to asking staff to volunteer at key hospitals and clinics. Clinical trial sites face a unique set of circumstances during this International Clinical Trials Day, and thankfully, prominent industry partners are committed to not only proclaim their appreciation but also extend an offer to materially help. For example, Advarra not only saluted sites as “heroes of clinical research” but also directly offered them a number of free collaborative resources to restart research in the wake of pandemic-related changes.

While COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for research sites and associated institutions—not to mention their investigators and staff—partners that depend on sponsors and sites, such as Advarra, first suggest a pause, followed by an expression of gratitude for the work the research community does on a daily basis to improve human health.

James Lind set up the first clinical trial during the Scottish Enlighten on May 20, 1747, in a quest to test the theory that citrus could cure scurvy. Mr. Lind wasn’t alone; he had help, and sites will need help as the industry rises out of a pandemic period that fundamentally may change how clinical research gets done.  

In this time of crisis and fundamental change, Advarra offers for International Clinical Trials Day assistance in support of sites including:

  • A valuable free eLearning module to help sites evaluate priorities and available resources to determine a plan for restarting studies—all in the spirit of supporting new and ongoing research
  • Free access to the Ask Advarra forum and Coronavirus Guidance page where the IRB’s regulatory experts continue to answer researcher questions to help sites prepare to open sites back up in the wake of COVID-19

Emphasizing the true gratitude the company has to the front-lines of clinical research—a group that has bore the brunt of an incredibly difficult time for all—Advarra CEO Gadi Saarony emphasized that site staff are “unsung heroes at the focal point of research.” He continues, “Sites face new obstacles every day but continue to care for patients and participants. Advarra appreciates the complicated situation ahead to enable resumption of site operations. We value your perspective and thank you for everything you do. You are rising to the challenge and we’re here to help.”

Advarra Background

Advarra is a global provider of research compliance services, including IRB, IBC, consulting, and research technology products. The organization is recognized by clinical trial sponsors and CROs as a premier integrated provider of IRB services with worldwide reach among health systems, cancer centers, academic medical centers, and investigators.

Call to Action: Research site staff should take advantage of these important offerings by contacting Advarra.