A Mainstream Academic Research Superstar Starts to Question Things

A Mainstream Academic Research Superstar Starts to Question Things

Recently, Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Bloomberg School of Public Health and Carey Business School, and also Editor-in-Chief at MEDPAGETODAY®, wrote an editorial in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) calling out the society-wide push by the nation’s government agencies, academic medical centers, industry, and great majority of mass media to vaccinate all children as a concerted effort to save lives. It turns out, writes Makary, that based on data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the total number of children under 18 that have died with a COVID-19 diagnostic code associated with their record comes out to 335. Makary shares that despite the fact that the CDC employs 21,000 people, no one there has systematically investigated the cause of each child’s death, in an effort to determine if COVID was actually involved or if the death was the result of a preexisting condition. But, the Johns Hopkins professor asks, how could the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices conclude back in May that “the benefits of two-dose vaccination outweigh the risks for all kids 12 to 15”? Unless they have come to a prerequisite solution that’s overwhelmingly detached from reality, what data drove their conclusion?

Professor Makary has already published one public piece about the CDC. Just last month, he suggested that the CDC could be sitting on troves of data in a bid to support their mass vaccination narrative. But why would this be the case? Who went ahead and decided this would be the approach without probing the actual underlying data on deaths of children?

The FAIR Health Study

In his recent opinion piece, Professor Makary reports on a study he and his team conducted at Johns Hopkins in collaboration with FAIR Health, a nonprofit organization. They analyzed about 48,000 children under 18 diagnosed with COVID-19 in health-insurance data from April to August 2020.

No Children have Died in U.S. without Pre-existing Conditions

The results were telling: “a mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia.” Imagine what the implications are for healthy kids here? 

Correct Data

Makary reminds us that researchers to regulators to public health officials must be working with the right data. Such data is certainly required before organizations, such as the National Education Association, make decisions about COVID-19 vaccination requirements before kids return to school. The true risk associated with this group must be understood, as recently covered by TrialSite

What is going on?

Makary represents a crack in the proverbial dike associated with the mass vaccination program now underway in the United States. Makary suggests the CDC:

 “may also be under capturing data on vaccine complications. The CDC risk-benefit analysis for vaccinating all children used rates of complications extrapolated from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System database known as VAERS, which contains raw, self-reported data that is unverified and likely underreports adverse events.”

TrialSite has reported that some analysts who searched the VAERS database find, overall, about 6,000 deaths associated with the vaccine. However, just because a death is reported, doesn’t mean it’s associated with the COVID-19 jab. But in this case, the government vows none of the deaths are associated with the vaccines, even though a sizable percentage of reported deaths occurred within the first 36 hours of receiving the vaccine.

Recommendations et al.

Makary goes on to make some good recommendations, such as to study the UK where, at least according to one study, one dose of an mRNA-based vaccine was sufficient. TrialSite has made this case as well. Other more controversial suggestions indicate the need for early COVID-19 treatment, especially since not all people will opt for vaccines, which is not a crime.

Groupthink and political tribalism permeate today’s society, and unfortunately, the political party now in power appears to be using the pandemic as a political weapon, attacking those that aren’t vaccinated with accusations of “killing people.” Of course, the other side has wielded the pandemic as a political weapon for other reasons unrelated to vaccination. This is a pandemic of politics as much as it is a fight against a dangerous virus. The groupthink, tribalism, and dialogue around vaccination can lead to dangerous times, ones where societal pressures to shame the unvaccinated will only backfire to the detriment of everyone. Sound, rational, brave, and balanced leadership needs to emerge. In the world of academic medical centers, Professor Makary is one of those leaders.

Call to Action: Check out Professor Makary’s article in the WSJ


  1. Ok, let me make sure I understand this. The same government that blocked doctors from treating high risk patients early on with hydroxychloroquine ivermectin, or whatever else they deemed prudent for their patients, a move that likely resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths, is indicating that the unvaccinated are in fact the murderers. Interesting.
    Hydroxychloroquine absolutely saved my life.

    But it gets worse. Social media and media in general were like 50 yard dash Olympians when it came to shutting down any sharing of clinical studies on the benefits of vitamins, D3 and C, the mineral zinc, and nutraceuticals like quercetin and melatonin. They seemed to be under the impression that if a particular substance wasn’t completely curative it was of no use. Perhaps they had never heard of combining therapies in the treatment of illnesses. So we were advised to do nothing proactive…it was better that we just die waiting for vaccines. But the unvaccinated are the murderers.

    The lancet somehow peer reviewed and published 2 studies that had to be retracted as frauds. Dr Fauci, DARPA, the NIH, and pharmaceutical companies may have knowingly used a gain of function enhanced spike protein to develop covid 19 vaccines….but the unvaccinated are murdering people.

    The FDA issued a warning to Amazon to stop carrying NAC after multiple studies showed it to be helpful in covid19 patients. Then they gave EUAs to vaccines that were proven “effective” simply by showing patients tested negative for Sars-coV-2 14 days after their second jab. I mean, were they exposed to the virus? We don’t know. Were they double masking? We don’t know. Did they already have antibodies to covid before they got the jab? We don’t know. Did they use the ridiculously high cycle threshold of 35 or greater when testing with PCR? We don’t know. Did they make sure the vaccine was safe in pregnant women? No. How about pregnant animals? Save a few mice…no they did not. Did they even use their vaccine when testing to determine where it would go in the body and If it caused problems in organs or organ systems? No they used a “surrogate” for that. But the unvaccinated are murdering people.

    Didn’t the CDC, NIH and Dr Fauci supply us with daily panic announcements about how we could all die, then advise us to stay home if sick and only seek medical care if we were having difficulty breathing or our lips turned blue? Who advised Doctor’s offices to screen patients in the parking lot and turn them away If they had a temperature elevation or answered yes to any questions on a mandatory covid19 questionnaire?
    But the unvaccinated are the murderers.

    Why did we suddenly need clinical trials to use decades safe drugs in unhospitalized patients? There was already data showing hydroxychloroquine could inhibit mast cell activation thus limiting cytokine release. We already knew hydroxychloroquine was a potent anti-inflammatory and had antiviral properties. We knew the antiviral benefits of zinc and that hcq was a zinc transporter. The FDA did not require clinical trials before doctors were able to use anticoagulants, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, or inhaled medications to treat covid. Tylenol is known to reduce glutathione levels. We now have evidence that critically ill patients may be predisposed to low reduced glutathione levels and that this leads to increased mortality. Where are the randomized, double blind, placebo controlled studies on tylenol? We know, per multiple fda warnings that NSAIDS can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. We also know that covid19 increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Yet the CDC says “there’s no evidence that nsaids are unsafe in covid19 patients.” True, but the reason there is no evidence is because there haven’t been any studies. Not studying something and declaring it safe because there’s no evidence seems a bit disingenuous. But…it’s the vaccinated who are killing people.

    Perhaps Dr Fauci and his ilk ought to pry the planks out of their own eyes before trying to remove the splinters from ours.

    1. Well done.
      A podcast by a Dr. Martin revealed this tidbit of info on the MSM being the water carriers for pharma and the government:

      Dr. Martin: The statement that was made by Peter Daszak in 2015, reported in the National Academies of Press publication February 12th 2016, and I’m quoting “We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures such as a pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage, to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

      From a transcript generated from a podcast here:

      Here is the transcript:

    2. Your comment is spot-on, and it sums up very well the frustration many of us feel, on the sidelines, as we watch this circus play out. Hopefully, more cracks will appear. Something has to give. Thank you.

  2. @TrialSite Staff Before describing Dr. Makary as “mainstream,” it may be useful for your readers to know that as of January 4, 2021, Dr. Makary was not vaccinated against COVID-19. In an article published on the same date in MedPageToday, Dr. Makary explained that he had pledged to not get vaccinated until every high-risk individual in the USA has been vaccinated. Taken literally, that’s an impossibly high bar — because there are literally millions of high-risk individuals in the USA who will never accept the vaccine.

    So, I think it’s a valid question to ask Dr. Makary before describing him as “mainstream” concerning COVID-19 vaccinations: “Have you now been vaccinated against COVID-19?”

    1. My observation is that Dr. Makary bravely hugs the very outside edges of mainstream and doesn’t veer too far away from any reality people can easily argue with. He recommends vaccination. He disseminates that they’re safe and effective. He champions ideas that couldn’t be more mainstream, like natural immunity counting towards population immunity, which has become head-scratchingly controversial as if we’d been blown back to the stone age.

      Dr. Makary isn’t tribal. He writes for both right and left leaning publications. He does interviews for both as well. He’s a professor at Johns Hopkins. Again, mainstream.

      The only reason that he may not appear mainstream is because mainstream has literally gone insane. He seems tremendously middle-of-the-road, evidence-based to me. He questions the right things without ever losing his grounding. Whether he’s been vaccinated himself is irrelevant to me and should be to everyone else, imo. “Mainstream” is a public position.

      1. Correction: “he doesn’t veer too far away from any idea people can easily agree with or doesn’t veer off into territory that people can easily argue with”. To me that’s the very definition of mainstream.

      2. Great rebuttal. In a world gone insane, what was traditional yesterday, is now somehow “fringe.” If anything, the handling of this “pandemic” from the get-go has veered far from what would have ever been accepted in the past. For example, muzzling docs and forbidding use of safe medications, even when people are dying.

  3. Excellent. Thank you TSN staff, LeoG, Dr Marty Makary, John Hopkins and FAIR Health. Special thanks goes to the 48,000 children (and their parents/guardians) who placed their trust in the medical profession to “do the right thing”… right down the line. Your data is so very important to all children everywhere.
    I have first hand experience of what can occur when medicos cover up their own gross mistakes. Fortunately the medico who injured me was removed from practice, so she could no longer harm people (deceased) and I am alive (due to optimised nutrition). My brain injury is almost fully healed.
    GOD bless these WHOLE hearted people. Today I declare “war” upon the eugenicists and the people (whether they are aware of it or not) whose actions support the eugenics movement’s “death wish” for humanity.