A Global Clinical Trials Research Services Player Few Have Heard Of: Frontier Science Foundation

Dec 9, 2019 | Cancer, Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (CP-CTNet), Frontier Science Foundation, National Cancer Institute, NCI, Oncology

A Global Clinical Trials Research Services Player Few Have Heard Of Frontier Science Foundation

Recently, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) awarded a large-five year project to the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) and Frontier Science Foundation for Data Management, Auditing and Coordinating Center (DMACC) for the Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (CP-CTNet) in the United States. KyungMann Kim, PhD of UW School of Medicine School of Public Health will lead the DMACC in the UW Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics. Amhurst New York’s Frontier Science Foundation brings decades of cancer research experience and data management know-how to this large, U.S.-based initiative offering data management and research support.

What is the Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (CP-CTNet)?

CP-CTNet performs early phase clinical trials to assess the safety, tolerability, and cancer prevention of agents and interventions of varying classes, many of which target molecules or processes known to be vital during carcinogenesis. CP-CTNet’s goal is to identify safe and effective interventions to advance additional clinical development for cancer prevention.

Funded in in the summer of 2019, the CP-CTNet Sites offer scientific leadership in the development and conduct of early phase cancer prevention clinical trials as well as in the management and analysis of the data. CP-CTNet lead research centers include:

·         Northwestern University of Chicago, Northwestern Cancer Prevention Consortium, led by Seema A Khan, MD 

·         University of Arizona, University of Arizona Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (UA CP-CTNet), led by H.H. Sherry Chow, PhD 

·         University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, iCAN-PREVENT: International Cancer Prevention Clinical Trial Consortium, led by Powel H. Brown, MD 

The Coordinating center to support the CP-CTNet Sites and coordinate trans-Network activities was funded in the fall of 2019. The management of Data Management, Auditing and Coordinating Center (DMACC) was awarded to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, led by KyungMann Kim, PhD

Enter Frontier Science Foundation Role

Frontier Science Foundation was selected to leverage its deep clinical research support expertise, know-how and bench to lead the centralized data management and reporting unit and have a significant role in auditing activities. Frontier Science Foundation CEO Sue Siminski emphasized that the non-profit organization’s expertise and experience in data management would be infused into one of the nation’s premier cancer prevention research programs. Ms. Siminski commented, “We look forward to working with the National Cancer Institute and participating centers in advancing the network’s goal to identify safe and effective cancer preventions.”

The Powerful Research Support Organization Few Know Of

Who is Frontier Science FoundationTrialSite News knows of many in the clinical trials space that have never heard of this high-impact, experienced and dependable research support non-profit organization.

Frontier Science has been supporting clinical trials since 1975 by offering accurate and cost-effective data management, statistical and other support services to research networks, biopharmaceutical sponsors and investigators. They have collaborated with scientists and technicians in more than 800 laboratories, universities and medical centers around the world. They are funded through a variety of sources from the National Institutes of Health, industry sponsors to other non-profit organizations.  Their research focuses on cancer and HIV.


With approximately 250 employees, and three offices (Boston, MA; Amhurst, NY; Madison, WI) in America and affiliated offices in Greece and Scotland, Frontier Science teams have been involved in more than 1,200 clinical trials and studies over the past four decades—driven by a mission to collaborate with investigators and sponsors to conduct scientifically meaningful, high-quality clinical trials all the while working hard to advance the application of statistical science, practice and data management techniques in health and education.

Capabilities and Areas of Expertise

Frontier Science is known for its dedication to and commitment for collaborative cultures infused into clinical research studies. They consider themselves an essential collaborator in all phases of studies—from study protocol development to data collection and compliance assurance to data management services.

Key Service Areas

Key Services include 1) Collaborative Services, 2) Clinical Trials Partnership in association with the American College of Physicians, 3) Data Management, 4) Biostatistics and IDMC Support, and 5) Infrastructure and Support


The Frontier Science Foundation will support the recently created Cancer Prevention Trials Network (CP-CTNet) set up by the National Cancer Institute. They will leverage their expertise, knowledge and resources to support data management and audit support to CP-CTNet.

Lead Research/Investigators behind CP-CTNet

·         Seema A Khan, MD 

·         H.H. Sherry Chow, PhD 

·         Powel H. Brown, MD 

·         KyungMann Kim, PhD 

Call to Action: Interested in learning more about CP-CTNet or participating? See their website for guidelines, templates and sources to follow them. Interested in learning more about Frontier Research Foundation services? See their contact page


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