$250,000 reward for Fauci whistleblowers

$250,000 reward for Fauci whistleblowers

Here is your big chance to help yourself and help the world at the same time.

Chris Martenson’s Fauci takedown videos (episodes 7,8,9) are pretty compelling. It sure looks like Fauci orchestrated a cover up so nobody would connect the dots that it was Fauci who is the “father of COVID.”

Senator Peters has not expressed any interest in asking NIH for the Fauci emails. Now you’d think he’d be all over that wouldn’t you? I wonder why he isn’t asking for the unredacted emails.

I’ve made the same request of Congresswoman’s Anna Eshoo’s office. No response.

In the meantime, since Congress is not doing their job to hold NIH accountable, it’s up to me.

If you have information that can lead to proving to the world that:

  1. Tony Fauci deliberately misled the world to believe that the virus came from nature,
  2. Tony Fauci deliberately misled the world into believing early treatments don’t work thus causing the unnecessary death of millions of people
  3. How prominent employees within the NIH sandbagged the review of ivermectin. How can the NIH committee simply dismiss the BIRD meta-analysis and systematic review? They should have jumped on it, rather than waiting for it to be peer reviewed. I’d love to know the train of emails that happened when those with the responsibility over the ivermectin review learned about the BIRD review being published.
  4. When individuals within the NIH were informed that fluvoxamine was confirmed in a very solid Phase 3 trial, did they inform the NIH committee to issue an expert opinion to issue a FOR recommendation for Fluvoxamine? It’s pretty hypocritical of the committee to withhold a recommendation. They claimed they were waiting for Phase 3 confirmation. Now when they get it, they could easily issue a FOR recommendation based on the Precautionary Principle of medicine. Yet they did NOTHING. If you can explain that, I’m all ears.
  5. Information as to why when you apply for an IND for an approved anti-viral for COVID, the FDA will only let you test it in in-patients (where it will fail) instead of outpatients (where it will do the most good).
  6. The real reason NAC was pulled from the market. 60 years on the market, and they suddenly pull it? Seriously?

Send email to [email protected] and tell me what information you have and if I think it is worth it, I will pay you up to $250,000 to obtain that information and make it public.

We can keep your name out of public view or give you credit; your choice but know that you not only will receive the reward should the material be sufficient significant but you will have contributed an important common cause.

In any event, I think it is important to give Dr. Fauci and those responsible within the NIH credit for their accomplishments in stonewalling the truth and keeping effective drugs against COVID off the market causing everyone to rush to the vaccine as the only option. They should understand that the American people aren’t that naïve and that there’s a professional price for such behavior.

Note that views expressed in this opinion article are the writer’s personal views and not necessarily those of TrialSite.


  1. Steve, I saw your brief video discussion on the bio-distribution and cytotoxicity of spike(S) fusion proteins via recombinant viral shuttle vectors. I’ve utilized a number of commercial expression shuttle vectors with various viral enhancer promoters e.i. SV40, CMV, tk-HSV, and others to drive the expression of gene(s) of interest. Similar fusion constructs translated into fusion proteins have been employed in basic research since the early 90s; polyadenylation signals, metabolic selection markers, etc. There are problems with mRNA translational templates transfected into human host cells. There are too many details for me to describe here, i.e.,role of endogenous small interference RNAs ( siRNAs/microRNAs ) various functions including the spatial and temporal gene regulation of embryonic development and tumor suppression. I have a volume of information via scientific papers collected over the past year and half with significant implications for every one of Fauci’s public and non-public statements. Feel free to ask me any question with respect to SARS-CoV 2 virulence, infectivity, transmission, or temporal induction of host disease states. Disinformation on qRT-PCR has been ubiquitous, globally. Feel free to ask me any question regarding any relevant and or related technologies. Advanced non-parametric and parametric bio-statistical methods and data analysis without addressing the fundamental molecular biology aspects of non-segmented positive single stranded RNA viruses and protein (i.e. antibodies ) post-translational modifications has been lacking in all discussions. I’ve yet to read or hear any statement that is accurate since the initial statements made by Fauci, CDC, or the WHO; this includes any and all statements made by federal and state health department officials including M.D. physicians during the first days of January 2020 and beyond. I first became aware of Fauci’s tendency for disinformation in the early 90s when I gave a presentation on the X-Ray crystallographic structure of the CD4 receptor of T helper cells and it’s role in HIV infectivity with respect to multi-organ systems. Additionally, I have a degree in mathematics with a background in fundamental electrical engineering, physical chemistry, and have an interest in particle physics; quantum mechanics plays a role in a number of biological processes such as enzymatic activity and antibody binding affinity ( i.e. quantum biology ) as you may already know.

  2. Greetings… I made a documentary that has been widely ignored. It shows the first-hand panel discussions with the actual “scientists” that created SARS and dug up the 1918 Spanish Flu from the permafrost in Alaska, resequenced it, patented it, and then let it “escape” just a few months after the patent was granted. Essentially, because they are talking about the risk/benefit analysis of continuing gain of function research that would literally kill all life on Earth, they have to admit to what they have done to alter these viruses and also admit that every so-called pandemic was indeed a lab-leak of some kind. I am in agony that this is not being passed around, especially by the so-called “truth” movements.

    They admit what they’ve done, and in Part 2 they admit SARS was not in Nature anymore, meaning SARS 2 was certainly a lab release.

    Also, DR. FAUCHI GIVES HIS WHOLE HISTORY ON GAIN OF FUNCTION, SPECIFICALLY TO HIS BABY, HIGHLY PATHOGENIC H5N1, and the whole history of his involvement in this purposeful mutation and pandemic strain creation.

    I could sure use your money, but I just want the TRUTH to get out there!

    Please help spread…

    Note: this download and paper (see comments) were sent to every congressman and to most university professors in a plea to help. There was no response except I am a conspiracy theorist and to go die. Really. Of course now what is in my documentary is mainstream. No apologies. No sharing. No response.

    That said, everything you need to know is here, from their own mouths:

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzQ4uEwCYwA

    Backup (Bitchute): https://www.bitchute.com/video/8JzhW0dxFtSF/



  3. I mentioned half-joking on Twitter that you should take out a full page in the NY Times challenging Bill Gates on IVM vs. the vaccine:


    I looked up the price. A full page ad in the NY Times costs $250,000. Such an ad would get attention from millions world-wide, and would get picked up and covered by all the major news outlets.
    The ad doesn’t have to be phrased as a challenge to Bill Gates of course. But it should be written in a way to show a common sense approach should allow IVM to be used at least under an emergency use authorization.

    Robert Clark

  4. Steve, have you seen any of the interviews with David Martin? David is the founder and CEO of M-CAM, an underwriter of intangible assets which requires them to do complicated patent searches. He has done a long interview with RFK, Jr. about Fauci’s patents and the way that he illegally games the system. Very important insight and facts about the trail of Fauci’s patents and illegal business practices. Fauci basically participates in racketeering and insider trading. Personally, I think this is how he goes down. You and David need to connect if you have not!


  5. Robert F Kennedy Jr. soon to be released book “The Real Anthony Fauci” (previewed at: https://odysee.com/@TruthWillOut:8/Robert-F-Kennedy-Genocide-of-fauci-gates:b) describes Anthony Fauci as one of the greatest mass murders in the modern world who played a central role in enabling the covid pandemic.

    From the book description: “Working in tandem with his long-term partner, billionaire Bill Gates, to corral Americans toward a single vaccine solution to COVID, Dr. Fauci committed zero dollars to studying or promoting early treatment with various drug combinations that could dramatically reduce deaths and hospitalizations. Meanwhile, in an assault on our First Amendment guarantee of free speech, Dr. Fauci’s Silicon Valley and media allies dutifully censored criticism of his policies on mainstream social media and collaborated to muzzle any medical information about therapies and treatments that might end the pandemic and compete with vaccines.”
    “Finally, readers will see how Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, asserting biosecurity rationales, worked together to finance and promote the very gain-of-function experiments in Wuhan that may have released the COVID-19 pathogen.”

    Sounds like this book (along with Steve’s inexplicable experience of having the NIH stonewall safe, early treatments) means unmasking Fauci will be a critical part of bringing the pandemic to a close.

  6. Fauci and crew need to be taken down. NIH holds patents on coronavirus and was funneling research monies to WuHan for gain of function. Think there is an interest in money rather than public health. Criminal!

  7. Steve, you are not just an American hero, but a world-wide hero!
    Please be careful. These are very powerful, well connected people with no conscience.
    Brandy Vaughn, a vaccine whistleblower, is also an American hero but her son no longer has his mother. She knew she had a bullseye on her back but still could not protect herself.
    Hopefully you’ve heard the story of Dr. Judy Mikovits who worked under Fauci for decades. When she threatened to expose them, they found a creative way to throw her in jail. She explains in the 5 minute clip starting at 39 minutes here https://www.brighteon.com/90e7a3d2-d3d0-4662-b6d5-6592e1ec04b3
    Dr. Bradstreet and colleagues were studying GcMAF, an natural antiviral and anti-cancer immune stimulant that is a threat to Pharma profits. Sadly many of the doctors are no longer with us according to a very well connected blogger. Dr Bradstreet was apparently “suicided,” leaving behind his formerly autistic son who he worked so hard to heal.

  8. Thank you Mr.Kirsch! The misinformation coming from our national leaders, the blacklisting of doctors who were successfully treating patients with repurposed drugs, and the unprecedented tech and media censorship of anyone who didn’t go along with the approved narrative needs to be investigated and people held accountable. Thank you for taking on this difficult battle. Godspeed!

  9. thank you very much for your effort.if you accept donations i will be happy to donate, we must take these corrupt individuals down

  10. You are amazing!! Thank you for your unending search for the truth! My email is [email protected] My twitter account was hacked. I would love to be a participant in your study/blood test on spike proteins. We met last night in Clubhouse discussing the takedown of Bert Weinstein’s YouTube.

  11. Thank you Mr. Kirsch for all you have done and are still doing in this matter. I hope you are successful at identifying the hundreds if not thousands of people responsible for this deadly misinformation campaign. I seems worthy of “crimes against humanity” charges for all involved.