1st International Ivermectin for Covid Summit

TrialSite hosted the first international Ivermectin for Covid Summit webinar on Sunday, May 23rd 2021. The event was widely attended with medical experts presenting from around the world to a global audience of interested parties in the thousands. The event was simultaneously broadcast live on YouTube.

With a mission to bring transparency and accessibility to clinical research TrialSite continues to track repurposed drugs as a potential option for COVID-19 along with vaccines, novel therapeutics and other measures.

  • Introduction of speakers
  • Introduction – Dr. Martin Gill (2:00)
  • Welcome – Daniel O’Connor (5:37)
  • Ivermectin use in Zimbabwe – Dr. Jackie Stone (9:20)
  • Introduction to Dr. Sabine Hazan (22:50)
  • Early to treat, early to cure – Dr. Sabine Hazan (26:10)
  • Introduction to Dr. David Scheim (36:45)
  • Ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment in Peru – Dr. David Scheim (37:40)
  • Introduction to Dr. Jennifer Hibberd (50:00)
  • World data – Dr. Jennifer Hibberd (51:00)
  • Introduction to Dr. Lucy Kerr (1:03:00)
  • Ivermectin as a prophylaxis and treatment – Dr. Lucy Kerr (1:05:22)
  • Introduction to Dr. Kylie M. Wagstaff (1:17:30)
  • In-vitro investigations of Ivermectin – Dr. Kylie M. Wagstaff (1:18:30)
  • Introduction to Dr. Tess Lawrie (1:34:25)
  • Sharing evidence on Ivermectin – Dr. Tess Lawrie (1:47:52)
  • Questions to the panel (1:48:20)
  • Closing keynote – Dr. Colleen Aldous